Nor Cal Ren Faire’s Famous Billboard Contest:

Win your Faire photo on a billboard!

Check out this previous winner from last year’s 2018 Billboard Campaign!

How to participate: It’s fast, easy and fun.  All you have to do is go to Twitter or Instagram, post a photo of yourself (and your friends/family) and include the hashtag #RenFaireBillboardBe sure to @NorCalRenFaire on either platform to notify us of your submission! To qualify to win, you (and your group) must be dressed in your Ren Faire costume(s). That’s it!

The contest runs September 9th – October 20th (6 weeks). We will begin accepting submissions July 4th!

Each week we will feature the best 5 photos, as selected by the Ren Faire Social Media team. We like to see happy faces and fantastic, creative costumes. Huzzah!

We will direct message winners on Instagram or Twitter to notify you that you have won. Included in this correspondence, we will notify you about which week your Ren Faire photo will appear on the billboard. A photo of your winning shot displayed on the billboard will also be messaged to the winners.

Please note: when you post on Twitter or Instagram with this hashtag, you agree that you are the owner of the photo and that you and the others featured in the shot consent to have your photo distributed and featured on the billboard.

Contest FAQ:

Where is the billboard? Our Social Connect billboard is on Highway 101 west side, 0.75 miles north of the San Jose Airport and facing northwest where it will be viewed by millions of people.

Check out the aerial view from Google maps—see the billboard on the right side of the highway?

How long will my photo be displayed on the billboard? Each winner will have his or her photo displayed on the billboard for exactly one week. Your photo will be included in a rotation from Monday through Sunday (7 days). When you win, we will notify you of the specific dates that your photo will be up on the board.

I won, but I don’t see my photo on the billboard! What gives? Don’t panic! First, check your direct message from the NorCalRenFaire team on Twitter or Instagram to make sure that you have the correct dates. If you’ve got the right dates, please be aware that this digital billboard shares this advertising space with other companies. As such, the billboard images will shift between the NorCalRenFaire ad and other advertisers. It make take up to 8 ad rotations for the NorCalRenFaire image to show up, so you might not see it on your first drive-by. In addition, since we have multiple Billboard Contest winners per week, it may take a few rotations to land on YOUR photo. Thanks for being patient so that all winners can enjoy their time in the spotlight!

Is there a place to pull over and watch the billboard? Instead of driving past the billboard multiple times and getting unlucky enough not to catch your image, you may want to go to nearby Mowry School Road (right along the freeway beside the board) to watch the billboard. Then you can take your time to watch the billboard cycle through the ads—just make sure you are viewing the board on the correct side: facing north for southbound traffic to view!

Why didn’t I win?! Unfortunately, we get many submissions for this contest, so not everyone can be a winner. Our team tries to be as fair as possible, selecting diverse photos and not discriminating based on race, age, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, you name it! We just try to choose the very best photos that show you and your group having fun at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. Try again next year!

Note: If tagging the Faire on Instagram, be sure to use @NorCalRenFaire (NOT @NorCal_RenFaire. That is an inactive account!).

Good luck and Huzzah!

– – – – – –

Get Involved at the Faire:

There are several ways to get involved at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. Naturally being a ticket bearing patron is the easiest way to participate in the fun. Patrons are welcome and encouraged to dress in Renaissance style costuming to enhance their experience but this is certainly not required.

Aside from being a Patron, the options for participating at the Northern California Renaissance include becoming a stage or street performer with our Entertainment Department, working in a booth with our Marketplace, or Volunteering for various jobs throughout the faire. Occasionally there are some positions available within Beverage, staff or production.

Registration and Workshops for Entertainment begin Saturday, August 28th, 2021.

Click here for more information.