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NEW! “Shakespeare’s Dream” Introducing:
The Midsummer’s Court

What will happen when King Oberon meddles with the bard himself? The result may be more than he bargained for… This will certainly be some hot ice and wondrous strange snow! Follow this new group of mischievous Fae as they discover a realm of magic hidden inside Willingtown. They can also be found on the Storybook Stage and throughout the village. 

On The Main Royal Garden Stage at 1:30, just prior to the Queen’s arrival.

NEW! Rules of the Duel 

Join the swashbuckling swordsmen of the Albion School of Defense as they show off their sharp blades and not so sharp wit for your amusement and pleasure. Witness their exploits of derring-do. When words just aren’t enough and honor must be satisfied, you’ll need the Rules of the Duel! For Honor, Glory and applause, of course.

Two times daily on the Main Royal Garden Stage.

NEW! Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare – Abridged

Grab an ale, and a snack and sit for a spell as The Willingtown Players present one of Shakespeare’s jolliest comedies, Twelfth Night. This high energy romantic comedy boasts of twins separated by shipwreck, mistaken identities, battling lovers, crafty servants, practical jokes, revenge, music, and swordplay. All Condensed to play out in 45 minutes.

4:00pm on the Main Royal Garden Stage.

The Queen’s Royal Reception 

The Villagers are beside themselves preparing for a visit from their beloved Sovereign. The revels are prepared and Willingtown’s first family is ready and eager to greet Her Most Royal Majesty. What they were not prepared for is the danger and intrigue that is traveling beside Her.  

2:00PM on the Main Royal Garden Stage.

The Merry Wives of Windsor 

The Merry Wives of Windsor return to Willingtown to serve up saucy songs of drinking, love, and what happens when the two combine. With a blend of original tunes and traditional melodies with their own lyrical twist, the Wives have delighted audiences for over 20 years all across the country.

Three weekends only, Oct 8/9, 15/16, 22/23

Appearing at the Dockside Ally on the Salty Siren Stage, three times daily. 21 and Over.

NEW! Tea & Strumpets

Tea & Strumpets…a comedic, musical stage show with a little something extra. Imagine yourself enjoying a nice “cup of tea” with these Strumpets. Join Lipton, Chai, Ginger, Rosella, Magnolia, Sakura and of course Mr. Earl Grey for the rowdiest stage show of the year. The “Strumpets” love to sing and dance and entertain with their colorful array of musical, comedic, content.  Their clever quips and naughty lyrics will keep you clapping along and wondering…”Did they really just say that?”  

Two weekends Only, Sept 17/18 & 24/25

Appearing three times a day on the Salty Siren Stage. 21 and Over.

Cy the Sword Swallower

A man of skill, a man of danger and some would say…a complete lunatic. Cy is a master of the blade. Witness him swallow a whole armory of swords of different shapes and sizes ranging from the smallsword to the curved scimitar. No two shows are the same. With variety, wit and audience participation, Cy will thrill you and leave you wanting more.

Four times daily on the Romany Camp Stage. 

The Sea Dogs 

What do you do with a drunken sailor? These legendary masters of maritime music answer that age old question in song. Ever dreamed of learning a sea shanty? This is your chance! The Sea Dogs practically invented them.

Twice daily on The Main Royal Garden Stage and also on The Coughing Sheep Stage.

Dirty Laundry 

Wet dirty women and good clean fun is what this show is all about. These hilarious wenches will teach the unsuspecting a thing or two about cleaning up their acts and how to dish dirt with the best of them.

Three times daily on the Amethyst Arbor Stage. 

The Willy Nilly Show 

Willy Nilly turns Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies into wild, silly fun for the whole family with non-stop comedy and interactive hilarity. Willy Nilly brings you in on the action with whips, tricks, quips, sock puppets, and sword fights.

Four Times Daily on the Amethyst Arbor stage. 

Minstrels of Misrule 

This lusty band of worldly London notables and their hapless hangers-on from the countryside will have you entranced and in stitches with their roaring, bawdy musical tales and witty ruminations on the meaning of life, itself: they play, they drink, they play again, and one never knows what might happen next!

Appearing in various locations within the village, both on the Salty Siren, 21 and over stage and on the Coughing Sheep Stage, daily. 


With a wit drier than a desert, Broon will have you giggling all day. He’s a comedian with a juggling problem. He doesn’t really eat fire to impress the crowds, he just likes the taste of kerosene.

Four times daily on the Romany Camp Stage

Blame the Whiskey 

Hide the liquor and lock up the beer: Blame the Whiskey is here! Singing songs of the rebellious Erin’s Isle, these Irish rogues will capture your hearts. Let the driving melodies and intricate harmonies of these loveable outlaws move you.

Performing four times daily on the Salty Siren Stage at The Dockside Alley and alongside the wenches of the Mermaid Tavern.

A Fairy’s Tale  

Sit with Willingtown’s resident storyteller, as she spins tales of fairies, witches, trolls and more. Nathalie’s stories are full of magic and wonder and are perfect for young children, children at heart and everyone in between.

Three times daily on the Storybook Stage

RETURNING! Shrewed & Knavishe – Shakespeare was a Pirate! 

Returning after a five year hiatus, this lively duo will keep you entertained while they shatter all the myths about the Bard.  Shakespeare, a pirate? Who knew? Fun for all ages.

Three times daily on The Coughing Sheep Stage

Shelly the Fiddler

Enjoy lively country dance tunes from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Fun for the whole family! Dance around the hay bales, request a jig, get inspired to join the music, fall in love with the lilt, toast to the merriment! Let your heart be light with the music of the times. 

Twice daily on the Storybook Stage and once on the Coughing Sheep Stage. 

NEW! The Merry Larks 

The Merry Larks will delight you with their toe-tapping tunes of country life and festive falderal! Join these musical merrymakers as they share songs of birds, belles, and beer.

Three times daily on the Coughing Sheep Stage.

Pye Powder Court

Seeking justice? The court is in session! Come watch the local riff raff exasperate the judge with their petty squabbles and chaotic antics in the hilarious and bawdy faire classic, Pye Powder Court.

Once a day on the Salty Siren Stage. 21 and Over.

How to Audition for Shakespeare

Ever wanted to be a part of the works of Shakespeare? Here’s your chance to work with Ned Alleyn, Shakespeare’s most prominent actor in this unscripted, interactive opportunity to discuss the Bard’s plays or step on stage and perform. Script scenes can be provided or prepared monologues are welcome as well. Ned will help guide aspiring performers to prepare for the stage. All ages welcome! 

On the Storybook Stage Daily. 

NEW! Jared Rock

Hear the sweetest of melodies dancing through the air! Jared Rock plucks and strums his lute, performing some of the earliest music printed in England.  

Three times daily on the Storybook Stage.

Equine Show

The Royal Equine Guild presents their rare collection of exquisite Gypsy Vanner horses and other magnificent breeds from across the land to Her Majesty the Queen.

Just prior to each joust, at 12:30 and 3:30.

The World Tournament of Champions Joust Troupe

Armed with lances, swords and shields, The World Tournament of Champions Joust Troupepresents jousting, sword fighting, and games of skill for Her Majesty’s pleasure. The World Tournament of Champions features an experienced and professional team of Knights that collectively have been entertaining the masses for decades. Crossing lances is only the beginning of the fun and excitement this group delivers. 

Enjoy the Queen’s Tournament of Games at 1:00 and watch the knights compete for the title of Champion at 4:00 in a full combat joust.

Last Call

Come set a spell with the residents of Willingtown as they ring out the day in song. The Sea Dogs, The Naughty Minstrels and friends share laughter, ale and songs of revelry.