Check back for 2021 season shows!


NEW! Commedia Per Tutti – Rumble in the Canales!

When Pantalone makes plans to marry his daughter off to a man she’s never met, Viviana, with the help of her handmaiden Columbina, must take matters into her own hands to ensure her happily ever after! Will she meet her true love along the way? Will Brighella make a mess of things? Will Arlecchino understand what’s happening at all? Find out as our NEW Commedia del Arte troupe brings back this classic comedic art form to the Royal Garden Stage three times daily. Fun for the whole family! Run time 25 minutes.

Merry Wives of Windsor


NEW! William Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor – Condensed

Come laugh at the wacky antics of the lecherous Sir John Falstaff in all his bawdy glory. Will he succeed in seducing good Mistress Page or Mistress Ford or getting his hands on their husband’s money? Or will these clever wives get the best of him? Find out as this classic comedy plays twice daily on the Royal Garden Main Stage. Run time, 30 minutes.


The Queen’s Royal Reception sign-language

The village dignitaries have been planning for Her Majesty’s arrival to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Market Faires in England. The Earl of Oxford naturally has other plans up his sleeves to push the Queen towards marriage. Will he earn another striking blow from her majesty or get away with more courtly mischief? Find out at 1:00 daily on the Royal Garden Stage.


Dirty Laundry sign-language

Wet dirty women and good clean fun is what this show is all about. These hilarious and lively wenches are here to teach the unsuspecting a thing or two about cleaning up their acts and how to dish dirt with the best of them.


Broon sign-language

With a wit drier than the Sahara, Broon will leave you smirking and giggling throughout the day. It’s been concluded for some time that Broon doesn’t eat fire to impress the crowds, he just likes the taste of the kerosene. A regular headliner on the national faire circuit, Broon is a crowd favorite. Recommended attire: straight jackets.


NEW! Cydeshow Cy: Sword Swallowersign-language

A man of skill, a man of danger, and some would say…. a complete lunatic. Cy is a master of the blade. Witness him swallow a whole armory of swords of different shapes and sizes ranging from the smallsword to the curved scimitar. No two shows are the same, but always expect variety, audience participation and comedy that leaves the audience bursting with laughter and talking about it after.

Shrewed and Knavishe


NEW! Shrewed & Knavishe – Shakespeare the Pirate

This dynamic duo cuts to the chase and showcases some of The Bard’s greatest characters while proving without a doubt that Master William Shakespeare is indeed a pirate! This family friendly comedic show pulls in the audience to participate and will leave them cheering for more. Family fun three times daily on The Coughing Sheep Stage. Run time 30 minutes.


The Willy Nilly Show sign-language

Part variety, part danger, all hilarious. Willy Nilly, a frolicsome fool, delivers laughs for the whole family as he risks his safety for your amusement. From his whip tricks to his One Man Shakespeare to his fruit-flinging finales, don’t miss this hilarious show that made the Queen say, “We ARE amused.” Three times daily on the Amethyst Arbor Stage.


As their name suggests, full of magic and secrets, these musicians and dancers will surely entrance you with a powerful set of passionate expression. 

Come relax at Jazla’s Coffeehouse and enjoy magical music and beautiful dancers in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Mermaid Show

The Mermaid Tavern

Adults 21 and over, grab an ale and sit a spell while the notorious and naughty Mermaids of this questionable tavern share their musical tales of mischief and mayhem. Lock up your wallet and your hearts. Chances are, they’ll steal one or the other. At the Dockside Alley, 21 and over stage.

Auditions with Shakespeare

An unscripted forum with the Bard himself to discuss and explain his plays as well as give any audience members a chance to step up on stage and perform.  William Shakespeare has text on hand for those who don’t bring their own. He will help with making the lines conversational and the performance realistic. Come on by and chat with the poet and playwright! 1pm on the Storybook Stage.

Jesse Linder

NEW! Jesse Linder, Bard sign-language

Bard, is a singer and entertainer, specializing in the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and England . Accompanying himself on guitar, Jesse can captivate a crowd with his powerful voice and his repertoire of story songs. Whether singing a sea shanty, a song of battle, a love song, or a traveler’s wistful song of home, Jesse can be a true shantyman, entertaining his audience, and leading them through a journey of the imagination.

Dr. Faustus and His Potent Potions

sign-languageNEW! Dr Faustus and His Potent Potions

Be astounded by the wonders of the Miracle Elixir and its degenerate disciple, Dr. Faustus. Feats of salacious sorcery, bizarre bewitchment, and hysterical hijinks, will either have you calling to burn him at the stake, or buy him another round. Bring an active imagination and a full tankard, but leave your virtue at the door. Two times daily on the Salty Siren Stage.


 Clever Kate’s Curious Tales

Bring your family to a place of fairytales & fantasy where your little ones will be part of the story. 
Tales of knights, magic & love will enrapture all ages. Cheer the hero, boo the villain, gasp at the suspense & laugh your heart out as you are swept away into a land of make-believe by The Storytelling Adventures of Mad Jack & Kate.


The Lord Mayor’s Wedding? Show?sign-language

Will he? Will she? Its been two years since our loveable Mayor, Woodford B Willing, has been trying to win the hand of the lovely Widow Winifred but is she ready and willing or is she having second thoughts? Confusion and mayhem rule the day as the loveable loons of Willingtown attempt to marry off another mayor.


Naughty Minstrels

Join your favorite Poets and Minstrels: Kit Marlowe, Ben Jonson, Thomas Kyd and more as they share lyrical tales of romance, adventure and gold! These colorful poets and players present a surprised filled romp of bawdy music and wit-filled comedy that is guaranteed to have you laughing, clapping, and singing along before they reach that ultimate conclusion: a Happy Ending…


 The Sea Dogs

What do you do with a drunken sailor? These legendary masters of maritime music answer that age old question in song. Fill your tankard and come and sing along. Some deem them pirates and some call them sailors, we just call them fun.


Barley Bane

What do you get when three Irish outlaws and a Spanish gigolo walk into a bar? Barley Bane! Singing their songs of ales both dark and light while telling their tales of black and blue these notorious ne’er do wells are some of England’s Most Wanted! On the Salty Siren Stage (21 and over stage).


Pye Powder Court

The longest running show on the Renaisssance Faire circuit. The Mongers Guild brings the bawdiest and most outrageous court of all time to the stage once a day. Peasants, Puritans and sinners alike come together and demand JUSTICE! Performing on the Salty Siren Stage in the Dockside Alley 21+ Area.

Equine Guild

Equine Show

The Royal Equine Guild proudly presents their fine collection of horses. During their daily shows they will be featuring the Gypsy Horse and the American Gypsy Horse Breed Association.

The World Tournament of Champions Joust Troupe

Armed with lances, swords and shields, The World Tournament of Champions Joust Troupe presents jousting, sword fighting, and games of skill for Her Majesty’s pleasure. The World Tournament of Champions features an experienced and professional team of Knights that collectively have been entertaining the masses for decades. Crossing lances is only the beginning of the fun and excitement this group delivers.


Last Call

Come set a spell with the residents of Willingtown as they ring out the day in song. The Sea Dogs, The Naughty Minstrels and friends share laughter, ale and songs of revelry.